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Tel Yehudah Stories

Emily Kokush

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Two years ago, I came to this camp expecting nothing but to make a few close friends. Little did I know that two short years later I would be calling these friends my family and calling TY my home. The amazing thing about Havurah is that we became one big Russian Jewish Community almost instantly. From watching Baba Fira videos and Russian cartoons at breakfast, to talking about how much we miss our grandma’s cooking, we’re always somehow connected. Having the same background and cultures makes us bond in a much deeper and more intimate level.

One of my favorite things about TY and Havurah is that everyone is always happy and smiling. This comfortable, safe, and welcoming atmosphere allows us to all to be ourselves completely and also find enjoyment from small meaningful moments. For instance, my chug, went star gazing a couple nights ago — we simply layed on our towels, enjoyed the scenery and the presence of our best friends. It’s a feeling that I, as well as the rest of Khachapurie (My Chug) will never forget. The friendships I have made here, especially with the girls in my bunk 4A, I know will last forever. Thank you TY for three incredible summers.

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