The Force of Maccabia

posted by on Aug 4, 2017

Written by: Aaron G.


Wow! What an amazing Maccabia. It started off with a super cool breakout where I was very surprised to see a version of Rebecca Quick popping up in the middle of Ghostbusters. It soon got very hype as we split into our respective teams and started to learn our cheers. The theme was villains, and I was on the Red Vaders.

By the next morning, I could not wait for the events to start. I had signed up for both gaga and volleyball. They both were a lot of fun and very competitive, but it especially helped that I ended up getting first place in both events. We then proceeded into tug-of-war and then silent lunch, after which I took a very much needed nap for I had a very eventful afternoon coming up.

In the afternoon, I participated in both machanayim (Israeli dodgeball) and flag football. Later, I had to run three different legs of the Amazing Race. By the end of the day, my team had been having a lot of fun and I thought we were definitely in the running for first place. In the final ceremony, we had amazing dances, art, songs, and final cheers presented, and eventually the results were announced. The green team ended up winning, but I still had an amazing ru’ach (spirited) and fun filled day.