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Bunk Life

BunksFriendships made at Tel Yehudah don’t just last the summer, but many last a lifetime! Our tsrifim (bunks), which offer a classic camp experience, accommodate 12-18 campers at least 2 staff members, and are furnished with indoor bathrooms. But the tsrif is not just where your teen will sleep; at Tel Yehudah, each tsrif is its own community and family.

One of the most important aspects of camp is learning the value of cooperative responsibility by sharing the tasks of maintaining a clean and healthy bunk. We do this through rotating tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis between teens, as overseen by tsrif staff members.

boys_bunksStaff members are also responsible for daily sikkum yom (daily debrief) activities to help campers’ reflect on their day and strengthen friendships within the tsrif. Additionally, throughout each day and session there are activities, both social and educational, that are organized by the cabin’s staff to develop a healthy and fun group dynamic.