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Keren Atid Tel Yehudah Future Fund

girls-8Camp Tel Yehudah, the national teen leadership camp of Young Judaea, has been inspiring American Jewish teens for over sixty years. For many thousands of American Jews, Tel Yehudah is the summer home that began a lifetime of Jewish commitment and engagement.

Just as Tel Yehudah empowers our youth to build their future in the Jewish community, your legacy will safeguard and build the future of Tel Yehudah for generations to come.

Young Judaeans are at the heart of Jewish communities across the country and in Israel. According to a 1998 study, fully half of Young Judaea alumni serve on boards of Jewish organizations. Young Judaea alumni join synagogues in greater numbers than other American Jews; they attend worship services far more frequently; and they marry outside the faith at a rate substantially below the general Jewish population. Camp Works, a groundbreaking new study of the long-term impact of Jewish overnight camp, makes clear the significance of Jewish camping to Jewish life inNorth America: Camp alumni are 55% more likely to feel connected to Israel, 45% more likely to attend synagogue regularly, and 30% more likely to donate to Jewish federations.

Tel Yehudah is committed to cultivating the next generation of Jewish leaders. Your legacy can be the seed for that leadership.

hikeUnique among Zionist summer camps, Tel Yehudah reaches out to all Jewish youth – Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and unaffiliated – and provides innovative opportunities for them to explore a wide variety of Jewish experience, expression, and practice. Tel Yehudah is a unique model of a living pluralistic community, dedicated to laying the foundation for a strong, vibrant and diverse Jewish leadership.

Your legacy can help ensure that every Jewish young person, regardless of their ability to pay, can join this amazing summer community of Jews together – Jews as one people.

At Tel Yehudah, “Israel on the Delaware,” our campers develop a deep, personal connection to Israel and Zionism. With a talented delegation of Israeli staff, a vibrant program of Israeli song, dance, art and scouting and an infusion of Hebrew language into the camp culture, every aspect of life at Tel Yehudah is informed by our dynamic connection to our Jewish homeland. The overwhelming majority of our campers will go on to spend significant time in Israel through Young Judaea’s summer and gap year programs and college and post-college programs.

girls-9There is nothing like a summer at Tel Yehudah to inspire Jewish youth to reach for a greater future, a stronger community, and a deeper commitment to their people. We’re proud to offer this unique experience. Please join us in Keren Atid Tel Yehudah, the Tel Yehudah Future Fund, by making a legacy gift.

With your legacy and vision, we will be able to continue to:

  • offer generous scholarships to families in need
  • to ensure that all Jewish teens are given the opportunity of the unique Tel Yehudah experience
  • develop new and innovative programs reaching an increasingly diverse Jewish population
  • maintain our beautiful 150-acre campsite and build new facilities for the long-term future
  • develop the next generation of Jewish leaders committed to Jewish diversity and pluralism, meaningful engagement with Israel and tikkun olam

Your legacy can ensure that Tel Yehudah’s programs reach onward and upward, led by dedicated and talented young Jewish leaders that we bring from all over the United States and Israel.

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