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Full Session - Yachad

Dates Grade in Fall 2024 Tuition Early Bird Tuition (by September 28th)
June 26 - July 23 10 $6,525 $6,225

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The Yachad Experience


In Tel Yehudah’s Yachad program we are all about two major things: meeting teens from all over the country and taking on new challenges with a few more skills under our belts. One of the best things about Yachad is meeting teens from different places. In our “Build your own summer” you have the opportunity to mix with more than 100 Jewish teens from across the US and more. We also know that you are ready to dive deeper into an area of your choosing, whether that be something active like sports, artistic like theater, or communal like social action, you have more choices in your daily schedule to build a summer that is best for you. Along with making your own choices, we will make sure you get the BEST traditional camp experiences like: activities with your bunk, rikud (Israeli dance), special days in camp, time to just chill with your friends, and crazy campwide events!

Join the Tel Yehudah and Young Judaea tradition of Jewish leadership and register for Yachad now!

Program Features


To become tomorrow’s leaders of the global Jewish community, Yachad campers will:

  • Explore the importance of personal responsibility and contributing to the communities to which you belong
  • Meet and live with Jewish teens from across the United States and around the world
  • Get all the expected fun of camp through regularly visiting our activity areas, bunk activities, our electives program, campwide events and camping overnight at our nature site.
  • Choose and participate in one of our Four-Day Yachad Expeditions! (These take during the third week of camp.)
Sample Yachad Seder Yom (Daily Schedule)

This is what a “day in the life” of Yachad might look like:

Time Activity Description
8:00am Boker Tov (Wake-Up)
8:45-8:55am Mifkad Boker (Flag Raising) Greet the day by raising the flags with the rest of camp and our Tsofim (Israeli scouts)
9:00-9:30am Aruchat Boker (Breakfast) Sit with your bunk to start the morning together over a hot, fresh and delicious breakfast
9:40-10:20am T’fillot (Morning Prayers)/Alternative T'fillot You will partake in a meaningful camp-wide prayer activity led by staff and teens
10:30-10:50am Nikayon B’Tsrif (Bunk cleaning) Check your bunk's work-wheel and see what your cleaning assignment is for today and get to work to keep that bunk spiffy!
11:00-12:00pm Visit Specialty Area Teens from your chug can either visit Omanut (Arts and Crafts) or Drama
12:10am-1:10pm Peulah: Contemporary Israeli comedy Your staff has prepared an informal and fun educational activity to help you learn about Israel today through comedy
1:20-2:05pm Aruchat Tsohorayim (Lunch) Come for the delicious, healthy and kosher meal; stay for the Shira (singing) or Rikud (dancing) session in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall)!
2:15-3:05pm Zman Bechira (Elective Period) You can choose from a variety of recreational activities ranging from team sport activities, video-making, jam band, arts & crafts, Israeli dance, etc.
3:10-5:00pm Chofesh (Open Choice Activities) You can choose activities and spend time with friends under general staff supervision. Specialty areas, including the pool, are open during this time to offer special options, so you can enjoy more of the activities you love!
5:10-6:10pm Tracks An opportunity to dive into an area of your choosing like sports, arts, peer-leadership and more
6:20-7:20pm Bunk Time: Low Ropes Course Your bunk is heading to the low ropes course for bonding and team building
7:30-8:30pm Aruchat Erev (Dinner) Sit with your friends in other chugim and enjoy a themed camp-wide dinner
8:35-8:45pm Sikkum Yom (Daily Check in) You will check in with your bunk staff to review the day, experiences, etc.
9:00-10:15pm Peulat Erev (Night Activity) What's your “fun” group, evening activity tonight? Your chug is having a Mediterranean themed pool and dance party under the stars!
10:30-11:15pm Peulat Laila Tov (In-Bunk nightly activity) End the evening with this nightly activity to bond with your bunkmates and wind down before heading to bed
11:15pm Laila Tov (Lights Out) You've had a long, fun day and you need your sleep to get ready to do it again tomorrow!

What Is Included?
  • Room and board within our furnished cabins
  • 3 healthy, nutritious and kosher meals a day
  • $5 stipend for snacks and treats from our camp canteen PER BLOC
  • 24/7 professional medical staff that can dispense first-aid and prescription medicines
  • Dynamic and trained camp professionals
  • Regular laundry-service
  • 24/7 on-site security services
  • Transportation to/from Newark International Liberty Airport on opening and closing day
  • Participation in our Four-Day Yachad Expeditions!  (Additional costs may apply for certain trip choices.)
Is Yachad Right for me?

Yes! If you are…

  • Currently in 9th Grade
  • Ready to take responsibility for yourself and the community and to learn to lead
  • Excited to meet and live with Jewish teens from around the US and the world
  • Ready to build your own summer and choose how you spend parts of your day at camp

Can’t make it for the full four session this summer? Join us for two weeks by choosing one of our Blocs:

Bloc Dates Tuition Early Bird Tuition (by September 28th)
Bloc 1 June 26-July 9 $3595 $3445
Bloc 2 July 10 -July 23 $3595 $3445

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The TY summer doesn’t end on July 23rd.  Current 8th – 11th graders will have an opportunity to spend two more weeks at Tel Yehudah participating in one of our brand new specialty Merkaz programs. LEARN MORE.