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Meet Our Teens

Teens at Tel Yehudah come from across North America, Israel and the world. Their backgrounds and interests vary greatly. Some have been campers since they were very little at one of our regional Young Judaea camps and others are having their very first summer in an overnight camp.  They come to be challenged physically and intellectually. They come to have fun. They come to see old friends and make new ones.  They come to connect with Israel and the Jewish people. They come to change the world. And more than anything, they come to be part of a unique teen only community.

“How can I describe the connection I have with Camp Tel Yehudah? For me it goes back to my first year of camp … knowing that I was becoming a part of something this big … I feel the connection to camp, Judaism as a community, and the people I barely knew and now consider beyond family, to be one of the most amazing experiences in my life.”


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