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Summer Staff Application

Thank you for taking this first exciting step in joining the Camp Tel Yehudah Summer Team!  Please complete the application below.

Camp Tel Yehudah is an equal opportunity employer.

Young Judaea does not allow potential staff members to submit applications to more than one Young Judaea summer program at the same time. By filling out this application, you understand that you are pursuing employment with Camp Tel Yehudah only and do not have an active or open staff application for another Young Judaea summer program at this time. If you are considering employment at multiple Young Judaea summer programs, please contact each program with questions prior to applying. Once you’ve successfully completed your application, you will receive an email with a link to sign up for an interview. Please do this immediately following your application submission.

Your responses will automatically save in your browser history if you need to return to the application to complete it.  Please do not clear your browser history.