Ba’Mitbach—Young Chefs in a Jewish Kitchen

posted by on May 23, 2018

In our teens’ quest to gain independence, self-sufficiency in the kitchen counts. While their taste for PB&J and mastery of boxed mac ‘n cheese means they’ll never starve, neither dish makes for an incredibly amazing or even traditional Shabbat dinner.

Our new 2-week intensive Ba’Mitbach: Teen Culinary Experience is the perfect opportunityIMG_0584-Edit to learn the art and skills of meal planning, food prep, and cooking, with a focus on foods from the Jewish world. Led by Chef Jonathan Posner of Wandering Foods, the class is perfect for teens of all experience levels, whether they’re a budding chef or have yet to turn on the stove.

Participants will learn skills like knife techniques, efficient ways to organize the kitchen, and recipe development as they explore a variety of Jewish food traditions, including Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, and Israeli.


At the conclusion of the intensive, participants will prepare a meal for the entire camp. Teens will leave with a strong grasp of cooking foundations, including how to pick ingredients and plan a meal, an understanding of Jewish peoplehood through food, and the ability to prepare a delicious five-course dinner for family and friends when they return home.

Outside of this master culinary class, teens get to enjoy the best of camp at Tel Yehudah, including music, sports, Israel education programs, Shabbat, and spending time with their friends.