Camper blog Hadracha – Gaby Rub

posted by on Aug 5, 2018

Throughout the school year, you get my take on Tel Yehudah, my perspective on the interests that sprout, the friendships that blossom, the communities that form, and the experiences that launch a lifetime of engagement in Judaism, the natural world, public service, and so many other areas.

While I have decades of experience and a front-row seat to these interactions every day, no one can tell you the power of TY quite like our kids, especially when they are fresh out of camp.

Please enjoy this series of blog posts from this summer’s first-session campers. Today’s blog comes from Gaby Rub of Scarsdale, New York.



Learning to Use My Voice for Good

By Gaby Rub, Hadracha

Courage. A word used constantly throughout our camp experience here at Tel Yehudah. Each day we are given opportunities to have a voice and share our stories. Now, in Hadracha, we take that a step further. Specifically, we chose Tikun groups where we each feel strongly about an issue and feel like we can make a difference in helping to fix the problem, literally practicing tikun olam.

I was in the Women’s Rights tikun group where we talked in depth about the struggles faced AJC Washington Trip Group Pictureby women across the world throughout their lives. We also focused on the Global Gag Rule and the wage gap, which affects how much control we, as women, have over ourselves and our lives.

Learning about how people are silenced daily just about their own bodies made me realize how lucky I am to have TY. Tel Yehudah accepts anyone and everything, and is a place I know I can be heard and loved. Going to Washington, D.C. and advocating for issues opened my eyes to real problems around the globe. I personally know that whatever issues we as Hadracha learned about, we will take what we have learned here at TY and continue to work at home to make the world a better place. In Hadracha, we learned how to not just sing Ani V’Ata N’Shaneh Et ha’Olam (You and I will Change the World), but to make it a reality.