Camper Blog Alumim – Naomi Meyer

posted by on Aug 9, 2018

From Sprout to TY: Exceeding My Expectations
By: Naomi Meyer, Alumim

My first day at TY, I was pretty nervous.

Already I could tell that it was gonna be pretty different from Sprout, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. I was excited to see all my friends, interested to meet all the second sessioners, and all around ready to start Alumim, but there was still that slight fear of the unknown.

Throughout this session, our entire shichva (age group) has gotten so close I sometimes can’t even remember who I met this year, and who I’ve known for 6 XT2J3128 copyyears. At Sprout, my counselors would always tell us how amazing TY was, and how much we would love it, so my expectations were fairly high. But even those high these expectations have been exceeded. I feel closer to my shichva than ever before, making new friends and getting closer with old ones, and loving my camp family more than ever before.


Before this summer, I was afraid that coming to a new camp would push me away from my friends and force new and different opinions on me. However, the past four weeks have only strengthened friendships and presented new ideas. Our merakzim, Aron and Ayala, along with our amazing madrichim, led peulot in our chugim that sparked important thoughts and conversations which we never really talked about at Sprout Lake. Activities with the whole shichva were full of laughs and DMCs, and led to some of the best friendships I’ve ever had. Overall, this has been one of my favorite sessions of camp yet, and I can’t wait to start yachad with this amazing group of friends who have come together this summer.

As we continue to share reflections from our first session campers, I invite you to hear from Naomi Meyer (Chevy Chase, MD) and her take on the anticipation of moving from Camp Young Judaea-Sprout Lake to Tel Yehudah, along with her actual experience and the relationships she made in her four weeks at TY.