Feeling The Impact of My Camp Family

posted by on Aug 23, 2018

Family. A word that can be interpreted in many different ways. To me, I know I have one family in the states, my camp family, and another family back home in Austria. It may be a nine-hour flight to camp, but it pays off when I get welcomed by second family. XT2J3166 copyAs Hadracha, we all traveled to Washington, D.C., which felt like a big family road trip. After an 8-hour drive, we arrived ready to stand up for what we believe in. Our tikkun groups went to speak with nonprofits and representatives about pressing issues from Israel to domestic violence to disaster relief.

Even though we only play such a small role in these huge movements, we felt so powerful and I was so proud watching all of us do such great things. After visiting the offices of senators and congressmen, we had a chance to go to many different museums and monuments. It was a really powerful experience to be able to reflect on our country’s past as we attempted to make sure it has a bright future.

Even our trip back to camp, which included a 12-hour bus ride brought us closer together as we bonded in Pennsylvania’s finest gas stations. The biggest part of camp for me was how close we became and how much of a family we are now. From time to time we got annoyed with each other, but deep down, we love each other more than anything. Even though pretty soon we will be miles and miles apart, we will always be closest at heart.