Camper Reflections on Summer 2021

posted by on Aug 1, 2021

At the end of our Block Two, chanichim (campers) participated in our closing tekes (ceremony) and reflected on the first four weeks at TY this summer:

Hi, I’m Maddy Wissel (from Abraham’s chug). This summer has been such a fun and memorable experience. Coming to TY this year, all of us were uncertain about the experience we would have. Looking back now, it couldn’t have been a more perfect session. Most of us came from Sprout, so we knew people. Getting the chance to see my camp friends after 2 years of being apart was the best part of camp. As a chug, we did so many cool activities like rafting, camping, and a paint war. We can’t wait to come back to Yachad and meet people from other junior camps. I can’t believe it’s finally time to say goodbye, but until I come back home next summer, I’ll always keep my memories from Alumim with me. I love you G11!!

Hello everyone, I’m from Alumim, representing Eran’s chug. For a lot of us, coming from Sprout to TY was something always to look forward to, and now we are here. For those of us not from Sprout, TY is still so meaningful. From peulot talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Zionism, to tiyul with Abraham’s chug, to our zman bechirah, Tel Yehudah has been such a great time. We are so glad to have spent the last month dancing to Kawaii after Shabbat and making our bunk sign in Omanut. TY has been an awesome escape from Covid and staying inside for everyone. Eran’s chug can’t thank TY enough for this amazing summer. Personally, I will never forget playing human foosball in the Rikud Pavillion. It was so hectic and chaotic but so much fun.

I’m Mia and I’m in Noa’s chug. Four weeks ago today I was at home, unsure, but really excited about coming to camp. I went to Midwest and my family is very connected to Young Judaea so I heard a lot about what to expect –  like what people from certain camps were like or just general things. I learned from my brother, my parents, and madrichim. I always knew I would come to TY, but I didn’t know what it would be like. I had an amazing summer and the past 4 weeks I made incredible friends from all over the country and world. I’m really excited to visit my friends from Israel during my semester abroad this year. From snack circles with my bunk, to doing shira with Rami at least four times, I made memories with my friends that I will never forget. I’m so excited for Hadracha next year and thank you for an unforgettable summer, especially after a crazy year.

Hi my name is Lilly Mitrani (from Omi’s chug). Coming to TY I was super excited but equally as nervous. Quickly, my anxieties turned to more excitement. This summer was amazing as I not only met new people but strengthened my past friendships. Coming from Camp Judaea, which has been home to me for so long, I was worried about entering this new atmosphere. This summer was hectic with so many ups and downs, though through it all TY and the community we created were here for us all. TY truly became another home to me. In this coming year and next summer, I’m looking forward to strengthening new friendships and connection to Young Judaea.

Hi, I’m Raia Honig and I can say I’m in Emma’s chug for the last time. The last day of camp is always bittersweet, as it very well should be. I’m obviously excited to head home, but I’m also forced to reflect on this past month. From Rikud and Noah Wilker every week, to paint wars, and movies (usually left unfinished), it has certainly been an eventful and unforgettable few weeks. I had so much fun and got to learn about myself and my place in the world in the process. These wonderful memories I’ve made beginning at Sprout Lake in 2015 are always sure to put a smile on my face, but in the moment make me feel pretty sad because I know I have to wait another year before I can come back to this beautiful place with some of my most favorite people in the world. I couldn’t be more excited for Hadracha and to see where life takes me with everything Young Judaea has taught me. And with that, I hope everyone staying for Bloc 3 has the best time and to those heading home tomorrow, have an amazing rest of your summer!

Hi everyone! My name is Lulu Gorelick and I’m in Hadracha. I came from Camp Judaea in Hendersonville, NC, and this is my first summer at TY. As some of you may already know, some of us from CJ spent two weeks there before TY, and I did Chalutzim and spent a week in the woods. I was honestly pretty nervous for what TY would be like and how I would react to the change in camps. I’ve spent four weeks in this amazing camp and now I’m here and I’m so happy with my experience. I’ve made so many new friends and got close with my old ones. One of my favorite memories was the kayaking trip and I was in a kayak with Rachel. Even though the weather was bad, we made the trip as fun as we could and it really grew our friendship. Everyone has heard this before, but camp friends truly are forever, and I know that I’ve made some best friends for life here and I’m so excited for my future at Young Judaea whether it leads me back to CJ, to Gesher, or Year Course. This has been a summer to remember, and I’m so happy I came to TY.

Hi, I’m Maddy (Israel) and I’m in Hadracha. Over the past four weeks, I have grown close to not just the people in my chug, but also to the rest of Hadracha and TY. These people have taught me what it means to be a part of a community, which is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Though half of us are leaving tomorrow, we will all stay connected through the memories of this summer at Camp Tel Yehudah. After so many months of social distancing and time at home, we are able to find each other and make this summer a memorable one. For the people who are staying, let’s have an amazing two weeks. And for the people who are leaving, the TY community will always be here for you.