The Gefilteria Comes To TY’s Bamitbach Intensive

posted by on Apr 28, 2019

Our Jewish obsession with food is no more evident than during this time of year, with our Passover seders based on hundreds of years of family traditions alongside culinary innovation (We added meatballs to our seder this year. Email me and ask me why). And, of course, food and teens are a match made in heaven, as long as we can keep the pantry and fridge filled.

This summer, as a part of our 2-week Bamitbach Intensive, The Gefilteria will help our teens gain the necessary skills to keep our delicious traditions alive as they evolve. And, we’re not talking about typical camp food; we’re talking about the latest trend in artisanal Jewish cooking with our friends from The Gefilteria, a culinary laboratory that melds Ashkenazi Jewish stories and culinary wisdom into a new way to appreciate the foods many of us grew up with – and some we have not!


Crispy Chicken from GefilteriaUnder the direction of staff from The Gefilteria, the BaMitbach intensive will cultivate practical culinary skills such as proper knife technique, kitchen organization, and recipe development in a setting that puts Judaism and Jewish food at the center of learning. No experience with either a knife nor a frying pan or even a kitchen is necessary.

The Gefilteria’s mission has grown to include a cookbook, collaborations with The Nosher, and partnerships with Hillel International, Center for Jewish History, Columbia University, and many others. Their cookbook The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods written by Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz, who will be our Ba’Mitbach instructor, combines “the inventive spirit of a new generation and respect for their culinary tradition, they present more than a hundred recipes pulled deep from the kitchens of Eastern Europe and the diaspora community of North America.”

Outside of the Bamitbach Intensive, teens will also enjoy everything they love about summer camp, including sports and arts, Israel education programs, Shabbat, nature, and spending time with friends from Israel, the UK, and across the United States. Reach out to us to learn more.