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Tel Yehudah Stories

Roie Shemesh

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I went to Camp Sprout Lake when I was younger, then took a few years off before I came back to camp at Tel Yehudah. When I reunited with all my friends this year at TY, I was so happy. I was even happier to make new friends this year. I shared many experiences with my friends this summer, including going kayaking on trip week. I recall gathering around the campfire, singing songs, laughing, and eating s’mores. Kayaking was hard, but I had an amazing time with all of my friends. When we got back from trip week, I was sad because I had such an awesome time, but our counselors still had more fun activities planned for us.


One activity I particularly enjoyed was a night activity. The madrichim (counselors) had us put on blindfolds and walk around camp, not knowing where we were headed. We wrote down the harder memories we had from the session and when we took our blindfolds off, we were huddled around several candles. We then threw all of our papers into the fire. Our counselors wanted us to remember that it took us good times and bad to get us to the end of the session, but the good memories were the ones that would last forever. All in all, I had an awesome summer and I shared some great experiences with all my friends in Bonim. I can’t wait to come back next summer and see all my friends again.

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