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Tel Yehudah Stories

Ari Levine

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Gimmel was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Tel Yehudah! Going to Gimmel, especially as a Hadracha camper, gave me confidence to take initiative during our trip in the woods. Seeing that Hadracha is focused on leadership, Gimmel gave everyone the opportunity to take charge of crucial leadership positions.

From cooking our evening meal, to helping set up tents, Gimmel forces everyone to take part in leading by example, or being a Dugma Ishit. I love participating in outdoor activities. Hiking, cooking, and cleaning provide me with true freedom. One of the most enjoyable part of Gimmel was being able to enjoy the hardship of these tasks with friends. You’re able to combine skills between the group and build upon them together. Gimmel was an enjoyable, amazing, and an overall awesome experience!

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