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Tel Yehudah Stories

Jake Levinson

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When I think back to the first day of camp, my views on community were limited. Limited not because of intelligence but because I had never ventured into the question of what is a community. In a specific peulah(Activity) we were asked to define community. At first I thought that my community’s only include where I live at home and the community here at camp. I never thought that I could be in a community with someone who I have never met before.

I now believe I am part of a community with every Jew. The Jewish community provides me with a feeling different from any other. From the old tradition of lighting the Shabbat candles to the new tradition of ordering Chinese food on Christmas, I’m looking forward to seeing how we as a community change. I get excited when I find out that my favorite actor is Jewish or when I’m spontaneously engaged into a conversation with a stranger and they turn out to be Jewish. I feel this connection even though I don’t know them personally. Because of my Jewish roots, I have a strong connection with Israel. While discussing Judaism as a community and Israel, it really struck me that I do have a special connection with Israel. Now that we are here on the last day of camp, I see how much my views on the definition of community have expanded.

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