Tsevet Sit-Down: Roshim Team

posted by on Jun 16, 2017

Introducing you to our Roshim Team! These amazing individuals are the heads of our specialty areas, led by our Rosh Moomchim, Or Katzman.

From left to right: Or Katzman, Shir Ben David, Gal Baum, Ruby Welkovich, Edan Fiterman, Jonathan Hamermesh, Teague Fordis, Itay Cohen, and Amir Moadi

Gal Baum, Rosh Teva

Summers at TY: 1

From Haifa, Israel, I just finished my army service in the Navy 6 months ago and am super excited to be spending my summer here at TY! I was a tzofeh (scout) on Garin Atid during 2012-2013 and have also spent a summer at Camp Judaea. I’ve always had a passion for hiking and the outdoors, so I can’t wait to explore this gorgeous area with our chanichim (campers)!

Shir Ben David, Rosh Tsofiut

Summers at TY: 3

I’m from a moshav (small town) near Rehovot named Gealya and am currently living in northern New Jersey as the the official schlicha (emissary). I was first introduced to Tel Yehudah while I was a tzofa on Garin Atid in the summer of 2013. I fell in love with TY and its culture, so right after my army service, I found myself back at TY as Rosh Tsofiut! I’m excited to be back with this amazing community, working to create an open, diverse, and welcoming world. I can’t wait to meet the new garin atidnikim and make some awesome peulot (programs) and fire signs 🙂

Itay Cohen, Rosh Sports

Summers at TY: 1

I’ve always had a love for sports. I played tennis for ten years, participated in soccer, and am also a ski instructor. This last year, I worked as a sports photographer for the Israeli website, One. I learned about Tel Yehudah when I was a tennis coach in Sprout Lake a few years ago, and I am excited to be part of this amazing community! I can’t wait to meet the chanichim and to teach them about sports as they continue to grow both mentally and physically.

Edan Fiterman, Rosh Omanut

Summers at TY: 6

As a previous camper and tsevet member, I’ve always been very in touch with omanut (arts and crafts) and love decorating the camp for TY events, creating a visually stimulating aesthetic for our community. It’s important to me to give campers an active opportunity to take part in the arts and help them find different creative sides of themselves, as I work to incorporate what campers’ expectations and hopes are while also introducing them to new, exciting, and different artistic methods.

Teague Fordis, Rosh Pool

Summers at TY: 2

Born and raised near Sacramento, California, I am happy to call Barryville home for another summer! One of my favorite things that we get to do here at TY is teach a life guarding elective both sessions. I’m excited to train the next generation of lifeguards who will instill the values of safety and fun that are incorporated into camp.

Jonathan Hamermesh, Rosh Logistics

Summers at TY: 5

I’ve been a Judaean since 2004 when I was a camper at Camp Young Judaea Midwest. I’m looking forward to helping run the logistics team this summer to ensure that all the activities that our staff wants to run can go off without a hitch!

Amir Moadi, Rosh Ropes

Summers at TY: 2

I’m from Haifa, Israel, and was in the Scouts for many years. After working on the ropes team last year, I am excited to return to TY. I like to think that I came from Israel to share my story and instruct others about Israeli life. I believe this camp has many special qualities as we create a unique community through pluralism where each one of us can find their place and everyone is very open and accepting. Last year, I had a great connection with the chanichim, and I love to be there for them and guide them along their way.

Ruby Welkovich, Rosh Omanuyot

Summers at TY: 7

As a Brooklyn College graduate with a degree in Theater and Media Communications, I have a passion for helping others find their voices and tell their stories, so that’s something that I hope to bring to camp. My goal for the summer is to make sure that campers are trying out new things with the performative arts as they discover things about themselves that they may not have found in other ways.