Dance it Up! (A Tale of Two Rikuds)

posted by on Jun 30, 2017

Written by: Maurice K.


As a camper in the youngest age group, Alumim, this is my first year at Tel Yehudah. All the activities are phenomenal, and it has been an extremely exciting first week! One of the greatest experiences is having rikud (dance) with the entire camp after Havdalah on Saturday nights. The specialists were able to easily teach the dance sequences to us prior to Saturday night, which made it more enjoyable to those of us who didn’t know the dances or were new to TY, like myself. Overall, camp has been spectacular so far, and I am looking forward to making countless more memories with my friends and having a superb time at TY!


Written by: Josie I.


Dancing alongside all of your camp friends to this year’s song of the summer is probably a peak TY experience. The song in question, ‘Tudo Bom,” is a strange Portuguese-Hebrew pop anthem that I, at least, had never heard before last week. Yet somewhow, we all already know every word, plus all the accompanying moves. And we don’t just dance during the scheduled rikud times, either with our chugim (groups) or on Saturday nights post-Havdalah, but whenever we hear the song! Everyone drops everything, leaps up, and starts dancing. Watching your friends high kick in time with the beat of the chorus, it’s kind of impossible not to want to join in, even if you don’t really like to dance. Looking around at a community that is so in-sync with one another and so ready to have fun, everyone’s happiness is infectious!