Stoked on Tsofiut!

posted by on Jun 30, 2017

Written by: Zeevie D.


In tsofiut (scouts), we learn many things and have a lot of fun! In only these first few days, I have learned about the different types of fires, facts about Israel, and how to make foods such as pita and shakshouka. These lessons teach me how to survive in the wilderness and make me feel more connected to Israel. But even the lessons are not as great as the people! The Israeli Scouts are always cheery, and we have an amazing time together! Tsofiut also gives me the opportunity to meet new people that are in Alumim or Hadracha that I may not have met otherwise. I am so excited to continue to do more activities in tsofiut, aka the best z’man b’chirah (elective) at camp!