Shabbat Shalom!

posted by on Jul 28, 2017

Written by: Michelle H.


Tel Yehudah isn’t just a regular camp, it’s a community. It’s a gathering of a bunch of people from all around the world! Whether you’re from Israel, or Russia, or even if you live two hours away, everyone comes to Camp Tel Yehudah to be together and enjoy the experience.

Being at camp is totally different from home. It’s quiet, yet fun and beautiful. Anywhere you go there is always something going on. The fun is all around, it’s in the activities we do, like Masoret (group discussions in Havurah), or chofesh (free time), even the late night Peulot Laila Tov (evening activities).

Every bunk is like one big family. We have meals together (and may I add, the food is always made fresh, yummy, and kosher), we sleep together, and laugh together. And on Shabbat, it’s magical. Shabbat at TY is not like any other. The campers like to get dressed in their best clothes, and both Bet and Aleph come together as a community and celebrate Shabbas. Every moment is precious and will be remembered for a lifetime!