The Wolf Pack

posted by on Jul 28, 2017

Written by: Sam L., Loky L., and Alex R.

We are the Wolf Pack, a diverse group of BFFS. This is our third and final year taking part in Havurah. Our names are Loky L., Alex R., Ash H., Preston S., Zach Y., David M., Sam L. (boy), Sam L. (girl), and Alisa V. Camp has brought us closer than any other place could possibly do. We first met just as random people from all over the United States, but through TY, we’ve become family.
We can never get enough of each other and do absolutely everything together. From eating to pranking to sleeping to attending numerous activities and events (and maybe doing a couple things we’re not supposed to – sorry David Weinstein!), we are inseparable.
The Wolf Pack was established in the summer of 2015. We consist of basically a bunch of campers causing chaos and unity among all of those who attend this camp, helping to build a community that’s exciting and welcoming. We know that sometimes we may get a little too rowdy, but it’s only because we love each other too much.
Our legacy will carry on for many generations to come. Our influence has spread throughout all age groups and even counselors.
Special thanks and shout-out to the Smore 4 (Alisa, Sam, Ariella, and Lauren) and our counselors through the years, especially David S., Alex, Bavel, Yuval, Michelle, Roni, Rena, Sasha, Andrew, Yana, and David Weinstein. We love all of you so so much. Thank you for sponsoring us. This summer is going to be amazing!
Thank you for your time,
Wolf Pack for life.