Closing Ceremony Speeches – 2nd Session Kfir

posted by on Aug 25, 2017

Jessica Friedman

Kfir (Aleph)

I admit, in the months leading up to camp I wasn’t too excited. All my friends from SproutLlake were going 1st session and my parents would only let me go 2nd. I kept picturing myself in a bunk with a bunch of strangers. I was so sure that I would hate it, but I have never been more wrong.

From the second I got here, I felt at home. I found out that some of my friends from Sprout were coming after all, the strangers in my bunk were super nice and friendly, and I became friends with all of them right away. The horrible camp experience I had spent so long picturing vanished and this session quickly became the best session I ever had.

My favorite experience here by far was Maccabiah. Pretty much I thought that I had taken part in a fun Maccabiah at sprout, but then I came to TY and it took it to ha whole new level. Even though I lost, it was one of the best days I’ve ever had. It was by far one of the most memorable camp experiences I’ve had. Although speaking of memorable, I’m pretty sure that I’ll never forget the game shake and pop, I don’t think any of us will.

My other favorite part of camp is rikud on Saturday nights. My friends always tease me because I get so excited for it. I love the feeling of being a part of something that I get every time I run over from havdallah and start dancing. That’s what this camp gives me, a feeling that you’re part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us. Before this session, I knew I probably wasn’t going to able to come back and I had accepted it. Today, I know for a fact that I will fight like heck for the opportunity to come back here, to my second home. This camp and all the people here are worth it. Thank you all so much for an amazing summer.


Olivia Raykhman

Kfir (Havurah)

Being a part of Havurah Kfir has been an amazing experience, but not one I would have ever anticipated. Coming to camp, I didn’t think that the next three and a half weeks would change my summer and my life. I made some of the closest friendships possible along with countless unforgettable memories. In addition to making connections with amazing people, I also had a chance to make strong connections with my Russian Jewish heritage and Israel. As a chug, we were exposed to an array of cultural interactions through educational peulot (activities), and getting to meet campers from around the world. Every day at camp was filled with a multitude of new adventures as my friends and I navigated through the waters of camp TY. Still, no matter what happened by day, when night fell I could count on my bunkmates to be on my team no matter what.

I also want to thank my madrichim for making my summer lit. Finally, thank you Nataliya for being the best merakezet ever! The people I’ve met here, chanichim and tzevet alike, have left an everlasting mark on me. I can safely say this session has changed my life for the better. Shoutout to Havurah for being the coolest group of people I’ve ever met!