We want your stories

posted by on Dec 22, 2017

Everywhere we go we hear remarkable stories of inspiration, passion, joy, romance, mischief, and mission from people who participated in Young Judaea. Many of those stem from camp experiences. While we are writing some moving content about teens, Jewish identity, and new things happening at Tel Yehudah, we know our readers would love to read stories from you that make up our collective relationship with YJ, YJ regional camps, and Tel Yehudah.

_DSC1371.jpgHere’s some guidance so it doesn’t seem too daunting:

  • > Pick a specific story. 
  • > If possible, frame it in the context of your real life; how it influenced, inspired, educated, or compelled you along some path to where you are today
  • > Avoid divisive politics, as this is a place of connection
  • > All we need is 400-600 words. 
  • > If we edit it, we will send it back to you for approval
  • > Email your post to telyehudah@youngjudaea.org

We’ll take more than one! As ideas occur to you, feel free to send them along.

Here are some more ideas to stimulate your thinking:

“How TY (and/or YJ) guided my path to / helped you decide / gave you the tools to / taught you / cultivate my interest in….

  • Making the right career choice
  • Find a jewish community where i live
  • Be a better parent (to teens in particular)
  • Understand teenagers
  • Raise a kid with character
  • Rediscovering my families roots
  • Find meaningful volunteer work to enhance my worklife
  • Pursue my passion for ________
  • Understanding the true meaning of friendship
  • Building a support group of friends who are there for me 24/7
  • Giving back in retirement
  • Deal with today’s political environment
  • Reframe my relationship with israel
  • Fulfilling jewish ritual
  • Find the right synagogue for me/my family
  • Expand my horizons by meeting people from other places
  • Get away from a stressful or complicated situation at home
  • Find life beyond my high school

TY Themes of interest to our readers:

  • Leadership training/opportunity
  • Peer leadership
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Debate/see all sides of a topic
  • Social action 
  • Exploring your Jewish roots/heritage/etc
  • Community of teens, teen power and independence
  • Connection to Israel

Thank you in advance! We want to hear from you!