Life-Saving Skills in a Life-Enriching Environment

posted by on Jan 30, 2018

Swimming and exploring nature are cornerstones of Jewish summer program experiences and Judaism in general. These activities help us make sure our kids stay active and in-touch with the outdoors. They also reflect our respect for nature and our historic motivation to beIMG_0190.jpg able to survive on our own.

Now, as part of our new 2-week intensive programs, teens can go even further by getting lifeguard, first aid, and rescue training certifications.

Partnering with the American Red Cross, we offer certifications in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Pool Lifeguarding. Teens who sign up receive expert guidance as they learn life-saving skills, like how to deal with an injury or sudden illness, in a real-world environment.  Upon completion of these certifications, teens can hired at swimming pools, hiking facilities and other venues.

By taking advantage of this program at Tel Yehudah, teens get the benefit of earning their certifications while also enjoying what they love about summer camp—everything from sports, arts, and Israel education programs to Shabbat, singing, and spending time with their friends.

Upon finishing the two-week Lifeguard & First Aid Training intensive, teens will meet the requirements to complete Pool Lifeguarding certification, earn a WFA certificate, acquire life-saving skills, and learn how to provide physical assistance in extreme situations.  And all of this will pay off with paying jobs next summer and in the future.