Exploring Identity and Pushing Ability Through Nature Adventure

posted by on Mar 13, 2018

Going away to camp is a great way for teens to increase their independence, explore their Jewish identity, enjoy nature, and grow as individuals. Going away to camp on the 2-week TY Xtreme Outdoor Adventure intensive amplifies every element of the camp experience, xtreme-hero.jpghelping teens safely push themselves to new heights and greater success.

Led by a professional outdoor company and Israeli scouts, teens set out on multiple nature expeditions that include, hiking, climbing, kayaking, biking, and, of course camping. Through each experience they’ll be immersed in not just the beauty and challenge of living in nature without their usual creature comforts, but also the Jewish values of sustainability and preservation.

We carefully designed the Xtreme Outdoors intensive to be accessible to any teen, no matter how much or little experience they have camping or with any of our activities. While the program is perfect for adventure types, it’s also a great opportunity for teens who haven’t tried these kinds of pursuits before to do so with the supervision and support of professionals.


Amidst the excitement of a 6-day kayaking trip and a challenging bike ride across the Catskill Mountains, participants will learn basic camping skills, as most nights they will stay in a different beautiful natural site. From learning to set up tents, make fires, read maps, and cook outdoors, to developing the skills to kayak, hike, bike, and rappel, teens will experience personal growth through their own accomplishments and deepen their connections as they bond with teens from Jewish communities around the world.

While most days will be spent on adventures outside of camp, during days at Tel Yehudah teens will enjoy the normal daily schedule with bunk activities, music, art, pool time, sports, and Israel education programs.