What Not To Bring: The Un-Packing Guide for Tel Yehudah

posted by on Feb 2, 2019

At Tel Yehudah we work together with parents to create a safe, healthy and inclusive teen community for all of our campers.  In order to do that, we ask parents to spend some time discussing our Un-Packing list with their teens before they begin their journey to camp.

  1. Closed minds: Tel Yehudah provides opportunities to meet new people, listen to and consider diverse ideas and opinions, and explore activities that might have not seemed fun or interesting in the past. Arriving with a closed mind shuts out the many opportunities for growth that Tel Yehudah offers.
  2. Demeaning language and attitudes: Tel Yehudah strives to be a safe, brave,
    and welcoming Jewish community for our diverse teens. There is no place for sexist, racist or homophobic language or behavior at camp.
  3. Denial of the rights of others: All members of the Tel Yehudah community
    have the same rights: – to be treated respectfully, to not be harassed or bullied, to have their personal property left untouched, and to decide whether or not to give their positive consent for any physical activity with another person in the community. No one in the community may take these rights from any other member of the community. _DSC0921
  4. Alcohol and illegal drugs have no place at Camp Tel Yehudah because they are destructive to the community and the individual. Therefore, any camper who uses, possesses or distributes alcohol or illegal drugs will be sent home immediately at the parent(s)/guardian(s) expense.
  5. Electronic smoking/vaping devices (including those used for tobacco): As
    the contents of electronic smoking devices (including vapes and juuls) are not easily identified and can range from tobacco to a controlled dangerous
    substance, campers found in possession of an electronic smoking device or its components, will be considered to be in possession of drugs at camp and will be sent home.
  6. Non-Kosher food:  In our diverse Jewish community, many campers and staff only eat kosher food and in a kosher setting. In order to be inclusive, we require that all food brought into camp is certified kosher.
  7. Disrespect for staff: We are fortunate to have thoughtful and hard-working
    staff members from around the world who are committed to making Tel Yehudah a safe, fun and vibrant Jewish community. They don’t come to camp to get rich but they do deserve the respect of their campers.
  8. Too much stuff: Camp isn’t a place for fancy or expensive clothing or
    electronics. Keep it simple and comfortable. (And you only get three shelves.)

    Please, also review our electronics policy and remember that campers may not have any devices that can connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.