Opening Day 2021: Back to Barryville

posted by on Oct 20, 2020

One of the things that keeps me going in these difficult times is thinking about Opening Day at Tel Yehudah in just 246 days. I can’t wait to see our teens getting off the buses and out of cars to once again breathe the fresh air, spirit, traditions and possibilities of TY. I am sure it won’t look exactly the same as it did in 2019, but we already have over 200 teens registered and ready to get back to Barryville. Here is what it looked like last time hundred of teens arrived in Barryville:

You can help us get Back to Barryville: Thanks to the incredible generosity of an anonymous donor, any gift you make by this Thursday, October 22nd will be matched (up to a total of $25,000). We have raised over $16,000 toward this match, but we need your help in the next 48 hours to achieve the full potential of the match. If you and/or your child experienced the magic of an opening day at Camp Tel Yehudah then please pay it forward and ensure that campers get “Back to Barryville” in 2021 and for many more summers to come!