Kitchen Fire Update

posted by on Jun 19, 2023
As you may have heard, our beloved Aleph Chadar Ochel and kitchens were severely damaged in a fire yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, there were no injuries.
We couldn’t be prouder of our team. Every single member of the Tel Yehudah staff did exactly what was needed, when it was needed. These are the people that will be responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of hundreds of teens this summer. Yesterday, they demonstrated precisely the resilience and calm that will make Tel Yehudah the kind of space it needs to be for a successful summer.
We moved quickly back into our Shabbat schedule with Havdallah, Rikud, and a fantastic performance by Noah Wilker (who may or may not have played “Burning Down The House”).
The fire will not affect camp opening this Thursday and running through our 75th Anniversary celebrations in August. Although the Aleph kitchen will not be in service, we are fortunate to have a second set of kitchens in Bet and are working on alternative cooking and dining options (if necessary) to ensure smooth operation through the course of the summer and beyond. We will post more information soon about our plans to rebuild and how the whole community can help.
We are also so very grateful to all of the first responders who arrived quickly on the scene from six different fire and rescue departments and contained the fire to the kitchen area. They are true heroes!!