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Build Your YJ Summer: Camp Young Judaea – Sprout Lake

Build Your Young Judaea Summer: Home and Away Programs

Get the best of both worlds: Start your summer at Tel Yehudah with teens from across the United States and finish it at  Camp Young Judaea – Sprout Lake.

Grade (Fall 2021) Camp Tel Yehudah Programs and Dates Camp Young Judaea - Sprout Lake: Programs and Dates
9 Alumim: June 23 - August 4 Bogrim Extreme: August 4 - August 15
11 Hadracha: Blocs 1 & 2: June 23 - July 21 Hadracha Plus: July 21 - August 15

Receive $500 off Tel Yehudah tuition if you combine any program and spend at least four weeks at TY and $250 off if you spend two weeks at TY.