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Capital Campaign

Our Vision for the Future


As we envision Tel Yehudah’s future, we are considering the diverse needs of our campers and our evolving program – physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. Our goal is to enhance and modernize our existing facilities while still maintaining the traditional feel of camp. We hope to take further advantage of the natural beauty and topography of our campsite in areas where new construction is planned. Our plans are also driven by an educational program that is becoming increasingly diverse in its offerings and that takes into account the growing trend toward providing more specialized opportunities for our teen campers.

teensIn order to meet the challenge of these expanded opportunities, we are announcing a campaign for the refurbishment, enhancement, and expansion of Tel Yehudah’s facilities. This is the first significant work that will take place at camp since its foundation in 1948 and will be implemented in a multi-year, multi-phase process. With this projected growth and gradual renovation, we seek to create a stronger sense of community across the Tel Yehudah site with shared program and administrative spaces as well as capacity for more specialized programs. A later phase of the master plan includes creating a central cluster of winterized buildings available for staff housing during the summer and for year round use as a retreat center for Young Judaea and other organizations.

Click here to see the plans for the future of our home in Barryville.

Through the hard work and generosity of the Friends of Tel Yehudah and Hadassah, we were able to complete this first phase of our long-term plan for the future of TY. Our state-of-the art aquatic center was an amazing addition to camp in 2008. The pool is constantly filled with happy campers and staff cooling off from the exciting activities and program of camp. While some enjoyed relaxing in the beach-entry section of the pool, others preferred endless debate over which of our two water slides was more exciting. Tel Yehudah turned 60 years old in 2008; we couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present for the whole camp community to enjoy.

Join Us


We hope you will now join us as we continue to build Tel Yehudah’s future. Please help us by contributing to the realization of our dreams. To find out more about our matching gift program or about naming opportunities at Tel Yehudah, or to request a copy of our Capital Campaign brochure which describes TY’s mission and importance in the Jewish community and outlines our needs and master plan, please complete the form below.

Please also let us know if you are interested in learning more about the master plan for Tel Yehudah’s physical and programmatic future.