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Tel Yehudah Stories

Anna Sherman

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Returning for my second year at Tel Yehudah, I thought that I knew what to expect. What I received was an amazing first few days of camp that was nothing like I had imagined. There were new, as well as old, faces of people who I gradually became friends with. All activities were carefully planned out by the amazing staff that greeted us with open arms. They wasted no time helping us get settled and making it feel like we were back home.

Days went by quickly and they were filled with activities such as drama, rikud (Israeli dancing), shira (Hebrew singing), sports, low ropes, and of course learning about Israel and Judaism. Most importantly, we learned about the opinions of others and their take on the practices of Judaism. The discussions and topics that were brought up were complex and pushed us to our limits. We have learned to speak our minds and challenge what others say, which is an important life skill to have. Problems that Israel faces were constantly being mentioned, encouraging us to think of better and more creative solutions.

Then there were the little things that made me realize what camp is all about. Between nightly bunk competitions, playing frisbee and hanging out with friends, or even a mini concert given by the talented Noah Wilker, it has all been totally worthwhile. I can’t wait to experience what TY has to offer next and look forward to the next few weeks!

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