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Tel Yehudah Stories

Ella Tav

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I have been a part of Young Judaea for seven years, and I feel that I have become a person here. Because of the skills I’ve learned at camp, I have gained the confidence to go out into the world and represent the Jewish people in the Tel Yehudah way. Most people say this is their home away from home, but I think, on behalf of our shichva(Age Group), this isn’t our home away from home – this is our home, period.

I think a key attribute of a TY camper is that they thrive more when they are leading than when they are being lead. Hadracha Shabbat gave us an opportunity to experience leadership when we otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to do so. We each had the chance to take on a different responsibility to lead Shabbat for the rest of camp. Camp has changed all of our lives in an extraordinary way.

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