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Tel Yehudah Stories

Leah Berger

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During our Tzedek (Social Action) trip, we went to a variety of volunteering placements and did both service and fun activities around New York City. We volunteered at a nursing home, picked up trash around Chinatown, handed out flyers advertising Project Metropair and food stamps, played with kids in a summer program, and helped prepare food at Maspia Soup Kitchen.

Though each one of these projects was extremely meaningful, I tremendously enjoyed volunteering during the Midnight Run. That night, we worked with the Midnight Run project to hand out supplies such as food, toiletries, and clothes to people in need. We drove around the city late at night and, despite the rain and exhaustion, did so with a smile! It was extremely heartwarming to see those less fortunate having a slightly brighter day.

Our social action trip was extremely fun. Everything from peeling carrots to playing duck-duck-goose with kids was meaningful. Not only did I make new friends and connect with new people but our Tzedek family made a huge impact in New York City.

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