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Tel Yehudah Stories

Rayna Landa

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Bonim’s literal translation is ‘we are building’. This embodies everything our shichva has learned about. Throughout the session, our peulot have been based on the achievements of and ongoing political issues in Israel. Normally, Israel is only seen for its conflicts with its surrounding nations and within itself, as well – but over the summer, we’ve learned that it’s more than that. We’ve learned that Israel’s accomplishments have impacted all of our daily lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. Understanding this has helped us grow as Zionists, Judaeans, and people.

Even though the majority of the kids in our chug have known each other for years, this session we’ve become closer than we ever thought possible. As a whole, this summer has been phenomenal, and it would not have been possible without the best staff in the world. Not only have we grown intellectually, but we’ve created inseparable bonds with each other.

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