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Tel Yehudah Stories

Sasha Avchukov

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This summer was my third year at Camp TY. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA where Russian Jews are a minority. There’s a very small amount of Jews at my school, and an even smaller amount of Russians. Camp is a different world for me. I connect with people on a different level simply because we share the same background. The sense of community we have here is unlike anywhere else, and that’s why camp means a lot to me.

Being in Hadracha this session was an amazing experience. I learned so many things about social action and being a leader. I never dreamed I would be meeting with congressmen in DC, lobbying for issues I care about and learning more about them. I know that the friendships I made this summer will last a lifetime, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group in Hadracha. These past three years made me grow as a person and a Jew. I feel much more connected to the Jewish community. Coming here has impacted my life a lot and I’m so grateful to have been here these past three years. I love Camp TY!!!

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