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Tel Yehudah Stories

Jessica Kantorowitz

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Being a captain on Maccabia is an experience I’ll never forget. It was nonstop excitement, hard work, and a day full of overwhelming emotions. It’s hard to emphasize how tiring and dramatic being a captain is but it was the most inspiring day of my life.

My dream of being a Maccabia captain finally became a reality. In the end, it proved to be very different from my expectations. Instead of the image I had in my mind of an awesome and easy day, I was shocked to find the tremendous amount of work needed to make Maccabia happen. Each captain faces so much responsibility during the actual day of Maccabia. I found myself giving speeches, encouraging others to participate, and being a Dugma Ishit (Personal Example).

Stepping up as a leader changed the way I felt about Maccabia. I have never seen myself as a leader but being a captain showed me that I have the potential. The kids on my team filled me with so much passion and devotion.The day became less about winning but about the cohesiveness of the team.

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